Backless Long Dresses

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Backless long dresses are a woman’s most ravishing pick for a style statement that drapes their curves with elegance and leaves a bold touch of romantic sensuality that captivates the onlookers. This bold bohemian long dress is just what a woman needs to channel her inner goddess with fiercely sexy feminine glamour.

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Appearance & Style

This is one of the most romantically feminine backless long dresses that a woman can possibly own because it allows a girl to garner the best of both worlds, elegance and sensuality. It pairs up a sharply structured minimalist beauty with exotic accents of boho-inspired crochet detailing that brings the fabric to life with free-spirited bohemian glamour. The audaciously bold backless design allows you to ravish the sensuality that comes from flaunting your curves with confidence.

The classic minimalist grace of this gorgeous bohemian design is beautified with the traditional accents of crochet detailing that highlight the waist and the neckline. The neckline is lined with artful accents of crocheting, while the classic halter neckline is boldly protruding and sexy enough to give a bold eyeful of your busty beauty assets. The gently cinched waistline will cinch up your curves and give them a sharply structured appearance. This style makes this one of the perfect backless to flaunt at the beach, cocktail parties, summertime streetwear, and exotic island vacations.


Colours & Sizes

Backless Long DressesThis gorgeous bohemian delight comes in an excitingly wide range of colours and sizes that will all woman flaunt this beauty according to their style preferences and tastes. Whether you are an apple-shaped beauty, pear-shaped, plus-sized, hourglass or even athletic shaped, this dress comes in sizes ranging from US 6-20, which is basically X-small to X-large.

The variety of colours available in this dress is utterly delightful, as you get to pick out this beauty in four different eclectic hues, including pastel pink, pastel green and khaki.


Fabric & Price Tag

This iconic and timeless backless long dress is made to provide an ever-lasting comfort that will forever delight you, regardless of whether the season is scorching hot or humid, or whether the chilly winds are blowing strong. It features a luxuriously comfortable cotton top with the polyester lining that creates a sharply structured accent to the tailoring. The design is also infused with superior quality crochet detailing that adds a cosy and breathable to the dress.

The price tag ranges from $19-29, depending on the size and colours you chose to order, making this a truly fabulous fashion bargain to scoop up right away!

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Style Statement

You can style up this gorgeous style statement in more ways than one. Backless long dresses look spectacularly sexy when paired up with chunky ankle-strap heels and sparkly statement earrings, particularly if you want to flaunt it at a cocktail party. You can flaunt this delight on the beach or even on the streets after pairing it up with a lovely pair of boho sandals. It would terrific with a retro denim jacket when the cold winds start to blow.

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