Burgundy Bodycon Dress

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Burgundy Bodycon Dress

This insanely sexy burgundy bodycon dress is a ravishing style statement for women who adore flaunting their curves and skin with confidence. It’s incredibly versatile glamour is subtle and minimalist with a low-key sensuality that is bound to make to you stand out in the crowd.


Appearance & Style

Burgundy Bodycon DressBodycon dresses are a woman’s hottest pick when it comes to playing up her beauty assets and accentuating her luscious curves without holding back on the sexiness. This voguish burgundy bodycon dress is a fashion treat for ladies who like to drape their body with sharply structured and curve-hugging tailoring that pronounces their beauty assets and accentuates their slim waistline.

It features a sleeveless square neckline with a flirtatiously playful knee-length design that creates the perfect tailoring to play up your derriere with a bold sassiness. It’s tank-top like style statement makes it all the more chic and contemporary, not to mention the perfect layering staple for all the outwear staples you already own!


Sizes & Colours

This burgundy bodycon dress comes in a wide variety of colours and sizes so all the women out there can enjoy flaunting this sexy style statement according to their own styling preferences. You get to pick out this gorgeous delight in various sizes, from extra small to 2x large, hence, woman of all shapes and sizes can flaunt its sensuality, including pear, apple, and plus size women amongst other body shapes. The colour range is utterly fabulous, and it features five different colours, including red, burgundy, black and grey.


Fabric & Quality

Burgundy Bodycon DressIf the fabric is understated, there is simply no point in spending a single cent no matter how alluring the design. If you are a firm believer in fine quality, this burgundy bodycon dress will delight you with its fine quality fabric and seamless tailoring. It features a luxuriously comfortable blend of 60% polyester, 35% rayon and 5% spandex, which makes this dress summer-friendly, breathable, and yet, also functional for the chilly season if you pair it up with suitable outwear staples.


Price Tag

blankYou get to pick out this insanely hot burgundy bodycon dress for a budget-friendly price tag that ranges from $13-$17, depending on the sizes you chose. Given the fine tailoring and superior quality fabric, not to mention the alluringly sexy design, this is indeed a fabulous fashion bargain!



Styling the Outfit

This mini tank top-style burgundy bodycon dress is a highly versatile statement that can be flaunted in at least fifty different outfits. You can pair this gorgeously tailored dress with ankle strap heels for a sleek and low-key formal look. Or you can even pair it up with a sequined blazer in gold for a classic contrast look at a festive occasion. Denim jackets are perfect to create a retro and vintage-inspired look, or you can take a denim-button down tie a sleek 90s inspired knot at the waist to pronounce your curves. Another exciting look would be pairing up this outfit with a sleek pair of ankle boots and a bold leather jacket.

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