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Blacks, Reds, Blues, Purples. No matter what color you have in mind, sexy prom dresses are all about being able to capture everything you ever imagined in a dress, and more. Keeping this in mind, prom dress colors have the ability to change everything. For instance, if someone just so happens to have found the same dress you did, but you got a different color, the dress has the potential to look completely different between the two of you. On the other hand, if you find the perfect dress and there is only one or two color schemes available, the likelihood of someone else showing up with the same exact dress increases.

We don’t want that.

With this in mind, I set out to find an amazing sexy prom dress with one major key factor, color. It is important that I find out what I can find when I look for prom dress colors. I found the Hongfuyu Deep V Neck Sequins and Lace High Split Evening Gown. Well, the name says it all doesn’t it. Taking a look at this dress, the style was amazing and the price was also quite appealing. It is something that will look nice on different body types, and most important of all, it came in a variety of colors.

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With 12 different prom dress color schemes, it doesn’t have the largest variety I have seen in a dress, but it is still a significant amount of colors. Another great thing about this dress is that the top is sequin, making for a sexy prom dress indeed. This aspect gives the dress a different pop of color that can be unexpected, and also increase the likelihood that this dress will look the exact same on someone else. The sequins were also different based on the color of the dress. For instance, the darker color dresses like black and red had sequins of the same color family. Lighter color dresses, on the other hand, like white and cream had a completely different color sequin pattern. There was one dress that had dark silver sequins, creating a great contrast and causing the dress to look much more expensive than what it actually is.

Overall, looking at the different prom dress color options of this specific dress, this is a winner. The sequins add a great touch that enables the dress to look more colorful than what you might originally think it is. Looking at the photos from reviews, the sequins on the darker colored dresses are more visible than you would think looking at the stock photos. The sequins show up much nicer when the dress is on, again giving it a nice sparkling flash of color that is sure to dazzle. For the price and variety in color, this is a great option for prom. No matter what color variation you are looking for, you are bound to find it in this sexy prom dress.

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