Prom Dresses Under 200 Dollars

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In years past, parents could expect to spend hundreds of dollars on prom dresses. Of course, this occasion didn’t happen often and was worth it, so they saved and ensured that when prom season came, they could afford the best dress possible to guarantee their daughters were stunning. In 2019, it’s now easier than ever to get beautifully stunning dresses without having to break the bank. Ok. See our prom dresses under 200 dollars!

To test this theory, I set out to find two prom dresses under 200 dollars that I would potentially wear to my own prom. Thanks to our good pal, Amazon, I found just the two. They even have a bit of flare of the dramatic, which is always good in a prom dresses (unless you just prefer to be a little simpler, that is).

I took a look at the Ellenhouse Long Sleeve Mermaid Dress as well as the Leyidress Strapless Ball Gown. Both of these are prom dresses under 200 dollars!

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When determining if you can really find a quality prom dress under $200, I took into account reviews from people who had already purchased the dress, the style of the dress, the color selection of the dress, as well as the potential to look good on any body type. Here’s what I found:

Reviews: When I found these dresses, I saw that the Ellenhouse only had 6 reviews, and the Leyidress actually didn’t have any. There wasn’t much to go on when it came to reviews. The few reviews that were available for Ellenhouse all seemed to agree that it was a stunning dress.

Style: Both of these dresses had a little puff to them. The Ellenhouse is a mermaid dress that is slim fitting and then flares out at the bottom, while the Leyidress is more of what you would think of when you hear the name, Cinderella. The latter is much larger and puffier than the first, but they are both great style choices depending on how much poof you want in your dress.

Color Selection: The color selection of the Ellenhouse was a bit of a shock, in a good way. This dress came in a whopping 43 different colors! That’s insane. From bright and vibrant, to dark and elegant, this dress is available in a colorful array that is bound to have something to peak anyone’s interest. On the contrary, the Leyidress only came in 4 different pastel colors, two of which were both a variation of light blue.

Fitting for Any Body Type: The style of both of these dresses has the potential to look great no matter what body type someone is. The long elegant gown had the ability to fit well on any body type. This is essential when choosing a dress because you don’t want to pick a dress that will look odd on your body type, but rather something that will accentuate your body type better.

Overall, both of these dresses looked nice, but the Ellenhouse was the better choice for me given all of the factors involved. While it is a little discouraging to see little to no reviews between these dresses, considering they are both prom dresses under 200 dollars , they may be worth the gamble.

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