Short casual dresses

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This insanely voguish dress is undoubtedly one of the best short casual dresses that a woman seeks to ravish her sensuality and flaunt her curves with confidence. The sleek, figure-hugging fit of this sexy dress is perfect for formals, casuals and festive occasions.

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Short casual dresses Appearance & Style

The bodycon style fit short casual dresses are a woman’s ultimate styling weapon to create a minimalist and low-key statement that exudes an overpowering sensuality. This knitted casual long-sleeved short dress features an empire waistline and a sleek O-neckline that will allow you to slim down your waistline and accentuate your curves and beauty assets with a bold attitude.

It plays up a sleek curve-hugging fit with a pencil-style tailoring that will make sure your outfit stands out and demands attention. The best part is, this is one of the most versatile short casual dresses that you can flaunt anywhere and everywhere, be it a casual day at work, a hot date, or even a lunch date with your girls. The above-the-knee length allows you to flaunt your shapely legs with profoundly elegant accents.


Colours & Sizes

You can pick out this sexy long-sleeved bodycon dress in a wide range of colours and sizes. The fit is perfect for woman of all shapes and sizes who are adamant to flaunt their curves with confidence, this includes all apple, pear, hour glass and plus-size beauties. You can pick out sizes extra small to 2x large. The variety of colours is truly extraordinary and you’re bound to find the colour you seek for this dress comes in 9 exciting and bold colours, including wine red, army green, grey, and even the insanely chic Breton stripes.


Comfort & Quality

Let’s admit it, regardless of how affordable and sexy the dress may be, if it doesn’t feature fine quality fabric that provides comfort, it’s just not worth it. If quality takes precedent over all your other style requirements, rest assured that this is bound to be the sexiest yet comfiest of short casual dresses you own. It features fine quality cotton, which makes it breathable and summer-friendly, while the polyester makes it stretchable and functional for the chilly months of the year. In short, the fabric is perfect to make this a statement you can flaunt all year-round!


Price Tag

At about $15.99, this short casual dress is a fabulous fashion bargain that will always delight you with its versatility and minimalist glamour!


Layering & Pairing

This gorgeously versatile style can be paired up with anything and everything. Short casual dresses with bodycon sleekness look insanely hot with sharply structured blazers at work, and you can also pair them up with leather and denim jackets for nightlife and casual streetwear looks. If you want to flaunt the dress without any other staple, just pair it up with a sexy pair of knee-high boots. For a low-key yet sexy date night looks, go for dark ankle-strap sandals, dazzling statement earrings and a bold red lipstick to seal the look!

Where to buy? Check availability at

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