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Turquoise hair dye adds brightness and boldness

Turquoise hair dye adds brightness and boldness

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Turquoise hair dye adds brightness and boldness. Turquoise hair dye is an extreme color. You can get turquoise hair color at home. Semi permanent hair color will give a turquoise color after painting at home without going to the salon. Turquoise hair dye is a favorite of young girls who want to add color to their look and are not afraid to experiment. Semi permanent hair color dyes individual strands or the entire head of hair, use it for more pastel and softer shades. To get a turquoise hair color, the hair must be pre-bleached or naturally light.

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Turquoise hair dye does not require an oxidizing agent, which makes the dyeing process even easier and faster. The effect of Igora Colorworx lasts up to 20 head washes, rinsing off smoothly.

Direct Application – It is recommended to apply shades for direct application on bleached hair. The intensity and purity of tones will depend on the degree of lightening. Pastel Blending – You can combine all 7 bright shades with a white tone thinner for subtle pastel shades. The saturation of the tone will also depend on the original base and the amount of tone thinner. Mixton – all shades can be used as a mixton with Igora Royal, Igora Vibrance, Essensity or BlondMe. You can tweak, customize, or neutralize the color to achieve the desired result. Turquoise hair is a non-standard bold choice, extravagant and even defiant color that attracts the attention of others. Today it is very popular in the youth segment. Turquoise is a mineral with shades of extraordinary beauty, from sky blue to yellow-green. This is sea water on the coast of resorts or the sky in the morning.

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Turquoise hair can have many-sided shades. Manufacturing companies, in order to attract consumers, seek to diversify the color palette with bright catchy tones: turquoise, purple, bright red, green. Sky blue and luscious royal blue are in trend. The most popular shades are electric blue. With neon, it differs in muted nuances, which is especially liked by girls with turquoise hair, this color is combined with blue and gray eyes, suitable for fair-skinned; neon blue: glows incredibly beautifully in the dark, is used as a local dyeing of a strand; light turquoise: the most popular shade, with a claim to leading positions in fashion trends among young people, ideal for blue and green eyes, in harmony with fair skin; deep blue shade suits dark-skinned girls with dark and dark brown eyes. The mystical bright color is liked not only by girls, but also by guys who prefer to go with turquoise hairstyles, like in the anime. It’s all about the semantic load of anime films. Anime turquoise hair speaks of the dominance of intellect and pure reason, internal control over the movements of the soul and heart; purple color: shades from lilac to dark lilac, this is a symbol of threat; white color: mean abstract entities not of this world. Anime fans choose their own shades in relation to their state of mind.

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