Vintage Lace dress

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vintage lace dressA friend’s wedding is at the corner and you cannot seem to buy a dress. The vintage lace dress is your fashionable elegant way out of this clothing catastrophe. While the dresses may not be limited to wear on weddings, they certainly do make delightful wedding attires.

Coming in different lengths from mid-thigh to knees and going down till the ankles or even a tail. The dress features lovely lace designs and the name vintage shouts elegance and sophistication in a retro sense. So tag along to know when to wear and how to rock off a vintage lace dress.


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Body type of this Vintage lace dress

The vintage lace dress can fit a number of body types but it accentuates only a few. Follow below to see if it goes with your body shape.

Pear Shaped – Heavy on the lower body and less busty the pear shaped body type can wear vintage lace dresses that are mid-thigh. If you go for the maxi style it wouldn’t suit the figure and wouldn’t appeal the senses.

X- Shaped — Same advice as for the pear-shaped. Try on the dresses that have mid-thigh length and avoid those maxi styles and you are good to go.

Apple shaped – Bulkier on the waist section, a vintage lace with an empire waist would do.



Available in a number of styles to give you a perfect elegant look, Vintage lace dresses offer great sophistication. Whether it be tea length dress, or a full sleeved laced dress with a trail, the lovely lace gives great fit and a graceful look. The one I own is a MissMay Women’s Vintage Floral Lace Boat Neck Cocktail Formal Swing Dress.

I fell in love with it on the first sight. Coming in fourteen bold colors I chose black because of the confidence and delicacy it spoke. Featuring full sleeves and off shoulders the neck has a beautiful cut ridge design.

The dress has a floral pattern and is made from nylon making it perfect to be worn at formal occasions and gatherings.

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Since the dress is off shoulder and comes to rest on mid-thigh, a lot of combinations could be made to look glamorous in it. Here are a few tips and ideas:

Night party – With hair swept back and a pair of glittery dangling earrings that matches the outfit would make a bold style statement. Finish it off with a pair of killer stilettos and you are good to go.

Merry Wedding – Vintage lace dresses make perfect wedding dresses. Enter a wedding in style by adding diamond studs and a necklace to the attire. A corsage and fancy stilettos to rock the look.

Cocktail Party – A stylish updo coupled with modern dangling earrings and of course a killer pair of stilettos would exude confidence and style in your vintage lace dress.


Bottom line

While the Vintage lace dresses are perfect options for formal attire, you can pair and accessorize them accordingly to pull of different look in a chic and trend manner.

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